Traveling on a ship owned by retired pirates, this group of adventurers will go anywhere for a bit of fun, action, and most of all, loot. In our intrepid group of adventurers we have:

Grock, The Half Orc, Half Dragonborn Barbarian. A raging blacksmith who saved Iruth from the fire that consumed his home, and became his somewhat dubious guardian.

Iruth the Child Barbarian, who lived with his noble elven parents until a dragon burned down his home, and he became a barbarian under Grok's care.

Aris, The Elven Druid who protected her home from an evil buisnessman who sought to oppress her people.

Killian "Hook" Jones, a pirate who terrorized the seas until he was attacked and left for dead, and then saved by Dan Willingham.

Wondur of Bjargsteinn, a dwarven cleric who left his home, and his father's buisness to practice the ways of the gods.

Together these heroes will defeat the deadliest of monsters, plunder the largest hoards, and become the greatest heroes to have walked the face of the Ettrian Isles!